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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we partner with PromoHub?

If you are a business with fully functional location or website. Offer a Promo and fill out the registration form. You will get a mail confirmation with log credentials after which you can log in and choose from the various advert plans.

What is the difference between DEAL and PROMO?


  • Products/ services comes discounted
  • DealDey takes a commission based on what is being sold
  • Product Deal: stock sold is requested for supply during live period
  • Service Deal: Coupon purchased is redeemed at merchants location
  • Display duration: 21days after which product goes offline
    • No charges for this service, just the commission to take off


  • Online visibility
  • Direct connection to our subscribers using our softcopy newsletter
  • Social media promotion of offers or campaign (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Offline visibility (Hardcopy Newsletter)
How can we get our offers into the featured category and other special categories?

We offer the regular plans (Silver- N25,000, Gold- N50,000) and PPC Plan. This gives you access to our featured section and many more publicity mediums, offline and online.

What are the available packages and benefits?
  • Silver Plan: Listing on the promo section, facebook post, promoting tweet
  • Gold Plan: Banner position on promo page, listing on promo page, facebook post, promoting tweets, soft copy newsletter, hardcopy newsletter.
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) Plan: Featured listing valid for 30days or till total click purchased is exhausted.
  • Side Ad banner display
  • Leader board display
  • Layer advert display

For rate card, call 08186480846, 08186480857

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is used to measure attention and interest on a listed offer.

Based on certain number of web impressions are achieved, the quality and placement of the promotional offer will affect clicks through rates and the resulting Pay-per-Click.

What is the difference between Regular Plans and PPC rates?

Regular plan allows for promotional offer listing with additional benefits such as softcopy newsletter emails, social media post and offline display (hardcopy newsletter)

PPC plan allows for promotional offer listing and charges are on attention and interest which is translated into clicks which is then deducted from total clicks purchased.

How can we upload our advert on PromoHub?

Once you are registered as a merchant, you can easily upload your offer by filling in the information about your offer on the right side of the merchant page. Our team will go through your suggested Offers and Promos and will approve the form. Upon approval by our team, you will be required to make payment for your subscription. Once we confirm your payment, it will go live in the ‘Latest Offer’ section on our homepage. This process takes place within 24 hours.

How does an offer work?

Once you have uploaded your special offer, we will publish your offer, making it live on both our website and mobile. To growing awareness, a catch to advised for increased traffic. For example discount on a certain product or service available over a certain period or buy 2 get one free, installment payment, FREE delivery etc.

For online businesses traffic is been directed to functional portal and other social media links provided and for offline business all necessary offline information are been advertised for user to business engagement.

When the offer has expired, you will receive an email informing you about your promos expiration. There will be an option to renew once you receive your email.

How long does it take to get my offer approved?

All offers are approved within 24hrs after they have been uploaded. Kindly note that approval remains our sole discretion and you can view our guidelines concerning uploads below:

  • Only submit publicly available promo
  • Include detailed information about the offer/ campaign as possible in the description for clear understanding and usage by users.
How do we make payment?

We accept all major modes of payment, such as webpay, bank deposit or Transfer.

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